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[#170997] Written by: roryta [12/11/11, 04:50]
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thanx for posting..

where are 10 and 11 though

again thank u
[#171015] Written by: misterx51 [12/11/11, 09:17]
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thx for posting eps 12.

need eps 10 and 11 please!
[#171040] Written by: bd007h [12/11/11, 23:36]
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thanks, and i also request episodes 10 and 11. thanks!
[#171064] Written by: leonort [13/11/11, 09:10]
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yep, eps 10 & 11, not seeing them on other torrent sites either
[#171068] Written by: ahtasham82 [13/11/11, 11:52]
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yes...where are the episodes 10 and 11
[#171076] Written by: davee [13/11/11, 14:08]
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can anyone tell me the plot for episodes 10 and 11 so i don't miss out on the story line?

for that matter could anyone summerise the season so far so i don't miss out?
[#171078] Written by: pooya13 [13/11/11, 15:20]
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Quote by davee
can anyone tell me the plot for episodes 10 and 11 so i don't miss out on the story line?

for that matter could anyone summerise the season so far so i don't miss out?

i don't care that much for the plot myself :d but here they are

episode 10:
a uniformed liz rushes to michael's office for a quickie. before they can reach orgasm, she is
summoned back to their stakeout by preston: capt. beck is on the way. michael tries masturbating and
phone sex, but is interrupted time and again by luther, who is drawing up a contract for yokushi
shumatu, cfo of lelo intimate products.
pemmie drops by for a quickie, which leads to a threesome with luther and yokushi. meanwhile,
michael speeds over to the stakeout to finish what he and liz started. she is called away when
surveillance cameras show their target, judge lester mack, having sex with mrs. coleman, the
defendant in a murder trial over which he is presiding. as michael and liz watch the monitor, preston
and capt. beck bust the judge. liz and michael are finally free to finish their unfinished business.
afterwards, she tells him that she misses talking to him, something that makes sex more than just sex.

episode 11:
a drunken michael meets greta in a beachfront dive and tells her how his life has gone to hell. it
started when alana fisher staged a fashion show in arthur's conference room. michael pointedout that
the human rights commission was concerned about abuses at her thailand factory. arthur took
michael to task for his outspokenness, and michael quit.
that night, jocelyn reveals that she was leaving michael for casey, a singer she met at a conference.
he seeks out liz immediately afterwards, but says nothing about being dumped. without work, michael
is depressed and aimless. alana drops in to thank him for sparking her conscience - she's building a
school and hospital for her workers - but when she comes on to him, michael flees. he ends up at the
bar in catalina, where liz tracks him down. he tells her that jocelyn left him and that he didn't tell her
because he didn't want her to feel pressured to get more involved. liz tries to explain to michael that
any notion of control is illusory. they have sex on the beach. jocelyn sends a text message from kauai,
which goes unnoticed.

source: cinemax

in summary, they've been shagging up so far
[#171180] Written by: zeecee [14/11/11, 13:09]
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somebody please add eppisode 10 & 11.
[#171227] Written by: davee [14/11/11, 22:15]
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Quote by pooya13

+9000 internetz to you sir!
[#171261] Written by: ockraz [15/11/11, 05:13]
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has this improved any since the first two eps? i quit watching because it just seemed like it was 90%
wooden acting and 10% non pornographic (or at least soft core) sex scenes.
[#171412] Written by: pooya13 [17/11/11, 12:57]
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Quote by zeecee
somebody please add eppisode 10 & 11.

here are the 480p mkv versions:
episode 10:
episode 11:

and here are the xvids(the same format as the other episodes here on eztv):
episode 10:
episode 11:
[#171875] Written by: davee [24/11/11, 19:40]
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Quote by pooya13

you deserve a cookie.
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